Lightning Elimination

Lightning is literally a discharge – an attempt to equalize the imbalance of negative and positive electrical charges within a thundercloud.

Where lightning rods and early streamer emission terminals are designed to attract and even intercept downward leader lightning flashes from thunderclouds, as lightning arrestors static dissipaters take a different approach. Dissipaters work by dissipating the electric charge that builds up on objects on the ground when downward leaders begin to form.

Because lightning occurs when upward streamers seek out downward leaders to meet, these stainless-steel brushes disrupt the increased electromagnetic field conditions through an ionization process, mitigating or delaying the formation of upward streamers and thus the occurrence of lightning.

The dissipation technology used by Twilight Services is called a streamer preventing terminal, or SPT. SPTs are often used in conjunction with traditional down conductors and grounding in a lightning protection system.