Portable ESD Unit Rental

Twilight Services Pneumatic actuators are required to operate in a wide variety of applications; they have to function first time every time, often under very difficult circumstances. One actuator may perform hundreds of cycles 24 hours a day, whereas another may open and close just once a month, but still be ready to shut down instantly on a failure signal.

The Twilight Services ESD Valve is a lubricated, tapered seal, quarter-turn plug valve for rapid full open or close operation. The valve cavity is tapered to ensure uniform seating of the sealing inserts, providing a reliable seal at the full range of pressures.

The Twilight Services ESD Valve and replacement parts are engineered to provide low operating torque and resistance to the toughest abrasive and corrosive conditions.

Twilight Services ESD Valves are bench tested and pressure tested before location installation by a certified Service Technician.