Electropneumatic Safety System

The ALANN IV is a 12 VDC microprocessor based (non-volatile memory) unit with sixteen separate channels connected to field sensor devices to confirm normal system operation. A red LED is associated with each alarm channel to indicate abnormal conditions. The sensors are normally open dry contacts and include an "end of line" resistor which enables the module to confirm wiring integrity.

First Out Indication

When an alarm is detected, its corresponding LED flashes continually and the module proceeds with the shutdown. Any subsequent alarm will show its LED in a steady "on" condition.

Shutdown Sequencing

For applications where timing is critical, the ALANN IV can be configured to activate or deactivate a process in a predetermined sequence. It also provides a signal for connection to an auxiliary device such as a telephone dialer or annunciator.

During the installation, the field service technician can also run instrumentation lines to any and every pneumatic end devices that the customer may have.