Burner Management System

Twilight Services is a proud representitive and installer of the Platinum Burner Management System.
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A Better Way

Technology and innovation have drastically improved many aspects of safety and production in our industry. Yet much of the field is using antiquated methods, such as using a rag on a stick, to light burners. From 2006 to 2010 the upstream oil and gas industry paid injury claims of $47 million and lost 81,354 work hours due to injuries and death. Eight percent of those deaths were explosion related. Environmental concerns are driving regulations that demand increased reporting capabilities and require equipment that ensures environmental stewardship. The cost of being out of compliance can cripple an operation.
Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Safety, Efficiency, Compliance

Safety and compliance are as mission-critical as your wellhead, so automating processes to help manage risk and ensure production uptime is just smart business. Platinum can help you get there. Platinum Burner Management Systems (BMS) provide automated remote burner management, ignition and temperature controls. The systems enable you to record essential data and safely automate heating processes, decreasing injury risk, maximizing well production and facilitating environmental compliance.

“We promote a safer, cleaner environment and decreased risks of production interruption.”

Increase Safety

  • Prevents serious injury or death from manually lighting and re-lighting burners
  • Provides temperature control that protects and preserves equipment
  • Limits loss of revenue due to claims or suits

Gain Production Efficiencies

  • Reduces production shut-downs due to burner failure
  • Remote control of the BMS decreases need for field engineers to go on site to monitor systems
  • Increases visibility into your system’s performance

Minimize Environmental Impact

  • Temperature controlled burning prevents explosions
  • Positions your company for current future compliance requirements
  • Delivers accurate temperature and pressure control to ensure complete incineration of unusable or harmful gases
  • Prevents harmful gases from releasing into the environment

Natural Draft Burner Management

Platinum Burner Management Systems support any natural draft burner up to 10MMBtu/Hr on oil & gas production equipment. Whether you need one unit or want to integrate all of your burner systems, Platinum can give you the insight to manage your:

  • Production Units
  • Treaters
  • Dehydrators
  • VOC Combustors
  • Heated Separators
  • Oil Stabilizers
  • Line Heaters
  • Amine Plant

“Affordable peace of mind.”

How It Works

The Burner Management System monitors for the presence of a pilot flame through an ion rod that feeds a signal back to a processor to determine a safe sequence of events based on the signal. In the absence of a flame, the BMS will shut off all gas sources feeding the pilot and main flame assembly and wait for a user-set purge time before attempting a re-ignition sequence. In the event of flame ignition failure, the system will attempt to relight three times. If attempts are unsuccessful, an operator is called out to troubleshoot and reset the system. Upon positive ignition, the system will sense the ion path of the flame and proceed with monitoring.

The Brains

Manufactured under the strictest production parameters, the control panel is the brain of our BMS. Each is precision engineered and rigorously tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions, while ensuring reliable uptime. We simply don’t take shortcuts in the quality we put into every controller. The system is designed to easily integrate with your other monitoring and data systems to allow complete visibility into your production site. A simple interface with intuitive alerts, the system is designed to be very user-friendly in the field and provide the control to remotely manage your production site.

“Let our expertise go to work for YOU